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Messiah of new starts" series

Porcelaine & works on papet


The butterfly came to me as soon as I arrived. I followed it with my eyes, and it was as if it had charmed me without me noticing.I painted without a fixed idea, but when I looked at the works next to each other, I saw it.

In some traditions, the blue butterfly symbolises the arrival of change, the announcement of a new stage. Its blue color, linked to the sky and the sea, represents the infinite field of possibilities. This series was created during my first moments in Marseille, as I settled into my new life.


While pursuing my research, I wanted to experiment the phenomenon of transformation, equal to that of the butterfly, through the object. So it was through porcelain that I touched upon the movement of evolution: from the first moment when my hands touch the earth, then the work of the earth and water to refine it, to the last moment when the earth meets the fire. The series of 4 objects represents the continuation of a movement, a renewal towards another state.

Messiah of new starts I became a flying creature following this strange call a flying bird
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