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Zineb Mezzour (born 1996) is a Swiss-Moroccan artist who lives and works in Marseille. Educated in computer science, she revealed herself as a multidisciplinary artist in 2021.

Her mysterious universe, where the expression of nature is paramount, plunges us into a microscopic and organic world with a spiritual character. Her research focuses on the creative power of nature and the omnipresence of dendritic cells in our environment.

It all began with the birth of the Manifesto, a realisation that emerged on a piece of paper "out of nowhere". These few words, a poetry with of divine character for the artist, express her attachment to water and her search for serenity. Following this feeling of aquatic escape, she draws invisible shapes in water, which she then reveals by dropping ink into it. The action of this droplet spreading on the water like a dendritic cell, a genuine tree of life, made her aware of the creative power of nature. The instantaneous movement and spontaneous dispersion of the ink immediately called her back of the present moment.

Fascinated by these fractal structures, Zineb discerns them in nature in the form of roots, corals, mosses, bones, aerial views... This recurring symbol, a sign of divine creation, is for the artist a portal to the power of Now.

Since then, Zineb has continued her research and uses photography, ink on paper, and sculpture as tools to awaken us to the harmony of the Nature that surrounds us and to invite us to experience the power of the moment.

Her works are part of the collection of the MACAAL, the Museum of Contemporary African Art El Maaden, in Marrakech, Morocco.


Catalog M[A/I]CRO

Catalog The Shape of Water 



+33 7 66 30 64 88


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23 cr Pierre Puget 





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