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Taymour Grahne Projects

17 August - 07 September 2021


" I responded to the invitation of London-based gallerist Taymour Grahne to curate an online group show by wanting to focus on and highlight North African-born artists that reflect the creative potential of an entire generation. Despite the fact that the Maghreb region has always been home to great artists, many talents have only experienced national or regional success. This online exhibition will hopefully gain some exposure for many of the wonderful artists selected to be part of this group show. Opportunities and gateways for our region’s artists have long been rare, due to a nonregulated art market. A lack of cultural institutions and the indifference of public authorities have contributed to a dissemination void of the region’s art scene.

Until the 2000s, artists were dependent upon “art dealers” to earn a living, and thus forced to often shelve their ambition. Against this background, Fondation Alliances was created in 2009 to implement concrete actions for Morocco’s social and cultural development, and to support artists from the continent and its diaspora. Through the development of a significant cultural mediation in favour of all social backgrounds, the foundation advocates for an art that is accessible to all, thus participating in the promotion of contemporary African and Moroccan art. With the arrival of new technologies and social networks, this isolation has gradually receded, making way for the creative effervescence of a new generation. Contemporary Maghreb artists have gained greater autonomy and self-confidence through international attention and recognition. This diffusion and sharing of knowledge, fostered by networks and digital platforms, have given a jump-start to contemporary North African creation.

As a member of this generation, I’ve been a spectator to this incredible evolution of the Maghreb art world. For this exhibition, I’ve chosen 18 established and emerging artists who are among some of the most exciting artists at the forefront of the region’s art scene today. I have chosen them not only for their consistent research and creation, but also for an ability to present a singular vision of the world around them, and a capacity to use diverse media to give shape to their ideas. This exhibition project is a happy continuum of African creation, carried by a generation of artists who have become an integral part of the contemporary art world’s international scene. I hope you enjoy the show, Othman Lazraq. President of the Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL—Marrakech) and Director of Fondation Alliances (Casablanca)." (Source :

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