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"Fusion in'k space" series

Exhibited during a solo show at Myriem Himmich Galery 


"And you? What is your relationship to water? What is its place in your life? Do you think you have enough, a lot, or not enough...? In you, in your body, and in your heart? Do we not find a similarity between the clarity of water and that of our soul? What happens when we decide to link them together? When we unite these two entities? What becomes of them?

They float, tangle up, unravel, dance, swim, connect, and reconnect by creating interdimensional elements that were retrieved and offer for the lucky ones... the ones reading these lines and the ones embarking with us in this sensational journey of water.

Zineb Mezzour offers you today her refuge, the main trigger component of her art, the one that revealed and unleashed her talent. An aqueous fusion of materials combining water with ink and especially blue through shapes that form themselves naturally and instinctively, and which reveal a world of a thousand and one microscopic wonders. A universe structured by the natural power of life.

As a symbol of artistic life, water in art empowered the purification of various types of blues that Zineb had to go through, allowing not only the regeneration of her creative spirit but also the emergence and revelation of a true artist.

Zineb's paintings are like canvases of youth to me. Rare, unique, and healing in the colors of nature and the life it carries within."

Written by Myriem Himmich, curator&galerist.

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