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The Origin of All series

Series of 8 photographies printed in piezography on Hahnemühle 310g

Exhibited during Les rencontres de Marrakech with Myriem Himmich Gallery

My photographic practice highlights the infinitely small to plunge us into the infinitely large, the cosmos.
In this work, I try to show that a dust can contain a world, and that living beings are simply an accumulation of micro particles inhabited by a soul. Each picture represents a body in formation, a life in expansion. At first sight, the series could be a microscopic view of cells, but after a long observation one can guess the shapes of fish, lion, jellyfish - in the first moment of their creation. This series invites reflection on the beauty and creative power of life.

These photos are original works in ink and then photographed and worked on in the studio. The photos are printed in piezography (carbon printing technique) by Art Photo Lab Paris.

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 13.30.11.png
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